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   Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan we are its nightingales of mirth, and it is our garden abode.
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Event Disclaimer:

1. AKIO's events are meant to be a thought process to build competitive, creative, cultural and traditional skills in children of Indian origin. May the best peformance win the prize over other participants.

2. AKIO will consider every step to make judgement panel unbiased and make competitions as transparent as possible.

3. AKIO chooses the important dates of India for all the events to bring awareness in children community but not to compete with any other organization's events.

4. AKIO will not take the responsibility for your personal belongings including your child's health and incidental injuries.

5. AKIO may disqualify any participant subjected to AKIO rules and guidelines.

6. AKIO reserves the right to decide when/where/how to distribute the participation certificates to participants.

7. AKIO under any circumstances will not accept any favors or recommendation in judgement.

8. AKIO will not provide any costumes/instruments/materials for competitions. If AKIO does, it will be written in guidelines for participants.

9. AKIO may not provide Food for participants or visitors, such occassions parents are encouraged to make their own preparations.

10. AKIO comply with Venue rules and regulations and expects that participants, parents and visitors will understand these.


Thank you

AKIO Team.